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Our Mission
To improve and develop access to high-quality long-term care services through public awareness, community connections, and a well-supported long-term care workforce.
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The Adult Family Home 
Training Network

The Long-Term Care Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving and developing access to high-quality, long-term care services.

This is accomplished through:

public awareness

community connections

a well-supported

long-term care workforce

The Adult Family Home Training Network will provide training, workforce development and other services to adult family home operators and staff. Funding for the training network comes from a specific negotiated training benefit outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between the Adult Family Home Council and the State of Washington. Funding began in 2020 and will be ongoing to support the maintenance and enhancement of the network. 

In advancing the work of the LTCF, input from adult family home operators and staff will be solicited, welcomed and appreciated. We are hosting stakeholder engagement sessions online via webinar and survey to all bargaining members. We are also reaching out to certified trainers and training companies to gather their perspectives on the development, availability, cost and delivery of the necessary training. 

How We Got Here

The Long-Term Care Foundation of Washington State (LTCF) will be working to operationalize an Adult Family Home Training Network (AFHTN) as prescribed in Second Substitute Senate Bill 5672, enacted during the 2019 Legislative Session. 


This bill was passed thanks to the tremendous efforts of the Adult Family Home Council, who work to improve the lives and well-being of vulnerable adults through the support of adult family homes.

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