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Training Network Stories

This is a collection of personal stories and experiences from providers and caregivers who have benefitted from the support of the Adult Family Home Training Network.


"The Pilot Program has been a good experience with us and Cristie, since, she can focus on working and training instead of worrying how she can afford to pay it back to the company. She came from California and out of Unemployment upon finishing her training and is working full time here. She had said that California did not have the kind of training and education for the caregiver we have here in Washington . And she was surprised by all the learning she got here. Thank you for your continued support to the community."

Maria Luisa Arucan

Anngelou Adult Family Home

"Amanda and I are so grateful for this Pilot Program. This HCA Scholarship from this Pilot Program is a big help to those who want to be a Caregiver. Mary Javier of North Care Training was a good instructor, her teaching was easy to understand. Thanks to the Long-Term Care Foundation, it's a big help to the adult family home industry. I give this program five stars! Thank you all!"

Maria Evans

Provider of Benevita AFH, LLC

"The Pilot Program was very beneficial, both financially and intellectually, to help me achieve my care-giving career."


Maria's Sponsored Individual

IMG_6269 (1).jpeg

"I am so thankful that I was able to be in this program!

You have the freedom to do it on your own time! You could go through multiple modules on the weekends, or you could spread them out so you can do them an hour or two a day! The modules were very digestible; I never felt overwhelmed with the materials. Also, they explain all of these concepts through videos, which was very helpful for me because I’m more of a visual learner. Students were also required to pass videos to assess your skills, and the instructors were very responsive and will give you proper critiques to improve. I feel prepared to take on the licensing exam after going through this course! I really recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in becoming a home care assistant!"


Elsa's Sponsored Individual

"As an AFH provider, I thank you for launching this course and including Mario as part of the pilot program. This will be a huge help for making the training course accessible to anyone who wants to become a home care assistant in a matter of months online."


AFH Provider

"It was a relief to qualify for the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation to provide training funds for our new amazing team member, Rosanna Moon. In the past, it has been very difficult to sponsor a caregiver's training cost, especially if they then change their mind or only stay for a short time. It is very hard to find a good caregiver with the heart to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community Homes was very fortunate to find Rosanna to become our Resident manager. She is now in the process of training and she is doing well. I cannot express how happy and lucky we are to have found her to be one of our team. Training costs have always been hard to budget and even more so with the pandemic, but because of your Pilot Program scholarship, this hire has been exciting, and it has been fun working with Rosanna and you. Thank You!"

Annie Puchar

Housing Coordinator, Community Homes

"My lifelong dream of caregiving is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarships like yours. Since being named one of the recipients of the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation Scholarship, my dream is to become a reality at NorthCare Training. The $2000.00 award gives me an opportunity to earn skills that will serve the adults with disabilities community following graduation. Thank you personally for your generosity: Without scholarship patrons willing to support medical education, immigrant, single mother-students such as myself would be unable to pursue health care degrees. Your scholarship will help me earn credentials in Long Term Residential Health Care, which requires special training and coursework. My passion for Community Change in the Developmental Disabilities Demographic is matched only by my love for my two high-needs foster children, so my decision to specialize in Adults with Disabilities comes from the heart. Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence and the health care aide school scholarship.  I am committed to my education and to the health care field, and one step closer to becoming an Adult Family Home Resident Manager, thanks to your continued generosity and the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation Scholarship."

Rosanna Moon

Annie's Sponsored Individual 


"I wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience with the pilot program: 


I absolutely endorse the Pilot Program and want to thank you and the authors of this program for supporting our newest HCA Trainee. From beginning to end it was so simple. You guys arranged the training, it was quick and seamless. We never had a lull in training or break in communication. Thats a big deal when you need a caregiver and you’re trying to push someone through a pipeline without sacrificing quality. Not only did you assist with training arrangements but you followed up on our progress regularly. Once the training was complete, there was no delay in reimbursement for hours spent training Michael. I would absolutely recommend this to any AFH looking to bring on a new caregiver. Please feel free to use me as a reference to endorse this program. Thank you for what you do in our community."


This is a picture of Michael (caregiver), swimming with one of our Residents.


David Leymaster

Service of Solace LLC

"Rosenda came to the States in 2014, I filed her petition papers in 1990. When she came, since her English is limited, it's hard to find a job. A friend hired her as Nanny in California making $800/month. I told her that she can earn more if she became  a caregiver. She applied in California and unlike Washington, they didn't need HCA certification. She worked as a caregiver for 5 years over there. When I read your email about the Pilot Program, I convinced her that Washington State would be paying for her schooling, it would be online and I can assist her with translating parts of the courses she does not understand. I hired her to work at my AFH, and realized that she has all the qualities of being a great caregiver. I have a client with behavior but she would take the time on finding his likes/dislikes and it didn't take long that she became the caregiver being requested by the clients. The only thing that's hindering her is the HCA Certificate. It took us from February to June, 2021 to finish the course and now we are waiting for the State to schedule her test. In the meantime, she continues to work and review so she can be ready for the test. She's grateful for a chance to go to school without cost to her and a chance to work making more. She said, if it weren't for the Pilot Program being offered, she would not have gone to school and learned a lot. We both thank you very much. I have a caregiver (for life, I hope). Cornerstone Learning was awesome too. Thank you again."

Onie Chang

The Good Living AFH

Onie ChangRosenda Sto Domingo.jpg

"Thank you very much for giving AJAN AFH, the opportunity to train a caregiver through the pilot program. Joseline Lizarraga, was our candidate, and we are very pleased to inform you that she completed the course and is about to take the test. She has been a joy to have here at AJAN, and she is very thankful to have been given the help. She is excited to start the next chapter in the career. She enjoyed taking classes with Robert from The Beyond Nursing school, and has learned a lot getting her practice done with us. Joseline reports that the Pilot Program is a great help to get people out there, especially those who would want to be caregivers but cannot afford to pay for the classes therefore they shy out of trying. Joseline says she would recommend this program so several would want to be caregivers out there!"

Grace Blas-Matus


"As a provider, I am very grateful to The Long-Term Care Foundation Pilot Program. I learnt of the program through the Adult Family Home Council, who referred me to Zenaida. Our overall experience with the pilot program has been positive. The process to certification was made easy thanks to the great help received from Zenaidae: by being accessible, her timely response to questions, following up on our concerns, a good recourse person. For my caregivers: it was convenient, faster certification time, classes were offered virtually and at their individual pace. We now have qualified staff, who gained their certificates through a convenient facilitatory program free of cost. Thank you."


thumbnail_LTCF Pilot Program.jpg

"Sharie has been a great addition to the Bustani family. The clients always compliment her work and positive attitude. Here is what Sharie had to say: HCA training is a step as I aspire to be a registered nurse. I see it as an opportunity to gain work experience and I am very passionate about helping those in need. Here at Bustani we say thank you to the longer term care training program for been supportive to our staffing needs. Thank You!"

Naomi Kamau

Bustani AFH

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