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Worker Sponsorship Pilot Program

Name of the Program

The Adult Family Home Training Network Worker Sponsorship Pilot Program


To assist adult family homes to recruit, train, and retain new, qualified long-term care workers.

A portion of the training benefit negotiated for adult family homes in the collective bargaining agreement between the Adult Family Home Council (the Authorized Bargaining Agent) and the State of Washington will be used to provide a sponsorship benefit to cover the cost of the training necessary to become certified as a Home Care Aide (HCA) and the time it takes to complete the training.


  1. Provide the required training that results in certification as a Home Care Aide to at least 25-50 eligible adult family home employees. 

  2. Provide this training through multiple modalities by DSHS-approved training companies. 

  3. Provide this training in multiple communities and regions throughout Washington State. 

  4. Provide and facilitate equal opportunities through an intentional and inclusive selection process to train individuals to ensure a talented and diverse workforce.


  1. Only Medicaid-contracted adult family homes are eligible to participate in the pilot program. Depending on the availability of funds, the amount of the sponsorship benefit may be determined based upon the eligible adult family home’s Medicaid occupancy. 

  2. Eligible adult family homes can apply to receive benefits under this program for new or current employees they agree to sponsor and who are committed to completing one or more of the following qualifying trainings:

    • Home Care Aide Certification Training + Testing—75 hours (WAC 388-112A-0080) 

    • Specialty Training (WACs 388-112A-0490 and 388-112A-0495) 

    • Nurse Delegation Core and Special Focus on Diabetes (WAC 388-112A-0550)

  3. One sponsored individual may be accepted into the program from each eligible adult family home with a unique license number. This will allow owners of multiple adult family homes to sponsor one individual for each uniquely licensed home.

  4. Individuals not currently employed by adult family homes but committed to completing the required training and becoming certified as Home Care Aides may be accepted into the program. They will be placed in a pool of applicants to be matched with eligible adult family homes looking to hire caregivers and willing to sponsor applicants.

  5. For eligible adult family homes looking to hire caregivers and willing to sponsor applicants, the Adult Family Home Training Network will assist in outreach and recruitment.

Application Process

  1. An eligible adult family home seeking to hire and/or train a worker may apply for acceptance into the pilot program by completing an “Adult Family Home Sponsorship Application” found on The Long-Term Care Foundation website. 

  2. An eligible individual currently employed by or seeking employment with an eligible adult family home may apply for acceptance into the pilot program by completing an “Individual Application” found on The Long-Term Care Foundation website. 

  3. Applications will be reviewed by The Long-Term Care Foundation staff, and applicants will be selected based on goals and eligibility requirements for the program as well as the availability of funds.


Payment Process

  1. Once a sponsored applicant has been selected and enrolled in qualifying training offered by a DSHS-approved community instructor, The Long-Term Care Foundation will approve and arrange for direct billing of the tuition and related costs (such as books and other printed materials, application and testing fees). 

  2. The sponsoring adult family home will pay the sponsored worker an hourly rate for attending the qualifying training. Upon the worker’s successful completion of the training, the adult family home will submit for reimbursement. The Long-Term Care Foundation will then reimburse the adult family home at the rate of $20.00 per hour for each hour of successfully completed training.

Tracking, Reporting, and Follow-up

  1. The Long-Term Care Foundation will receive periodic reports from the contracted community instructor tracking each sponsored worker’s progress toward completion of the qualifying training(s). The Long-Term Care Foundation will share these reports with each sponsoring adult family home and DSHS for each sponsored worker. 

  2. Following successful completion of the qualifying training(s), The Long-Term Care Foundation will follow up with the sponsoring adult family home and the sponsored worker to inquire about performance, progress, satisfaction, and needs after 30, 60, and 90 days.

Questions, Additional Information

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Workforce Development Specialist:

Shereice Brown, shereice@ltcfwa.org

To apply:

1. Download and print your application (below)

2. Complete your application

3. Scan your application and email it as an attachment to shereice@ltcfwa.org

Worker Sponsorship Pilot Program
Adult Family Home Application

Worker Sponsorship Pilot Program
Individual Application

Personal Stories From Our Pilot Program

"The Pilot Program has been a good experience with us and Cristie, since, she can focus on working and training instead of worrying how she can afford to pay it back to the company. She came from California and out of Unemployment upon finishing her training and is working full time here. She had said that California did not have the kind of training and education for the caregiver we have here in Washington . And she was surprised by all the learning she got here. Thank you for your continued support to the community."

Maria Luisa Arucan

Anngelou Adult Family Home

"Amanda and I are so grateful for this Pilot Program. This HCA Scholarship from this Pilot Program is a big help to those who want to be a Caregiver. Mary Javier of North Care Training was a good instructor, her teaching was easy to understand. Thanks to the Long-Term Care Foundation, it's a big help to the adult family home industry. I give this program five stars! Thank you all!"

Maria Evans

Provider of Benevita AFH, LLC

"The Pilot Program was very beneficial, both financially and intellectually, to help me achieve my care-giving career."


Maria's Sponsored Individual

"I am so thankful that I was able to be in this program!

You have the freedom to do it on your own time! You could go through multiple modules on the weekends, or you could spread them out so you can do them an hour or two a day! The modules were very digestible; I never felt overwhelmed with the materials. Also, they explain all of these concepts through videos, which was very helpful for me because I’m more of a visual learner. Students were also required to pass videos to assess your skills, and the instructors were very responsive and will give you proper critiques to improve. I feel prepared to take on the licensing exam after going through this course!


I really recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in becoming a home care assistant!"


Elsa's Sponsored Individual

"As an AFH provider, I thank you for launching this course and including Mario as part of the pilot program. This will be a huge help for making the training course accessible to anyone who wants to become a home care assistant in a matter of months online."


AFH Provider

"It was a relief to qualify for the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation to provide training funds for our new amazing team member, Rosanna Moon. In the past, it has been very difficult to sponsor a caregiver's training cost, especially if they then change their mind or only stay for a short time. It is very hard to find a good caregiver with the heart to serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Community Homes was very fortunate to find Rosanna to become our Resident manager. She is now in the process of training and she is doing well. I cannot express how happy and lucky we are to have found her to be one of our team. Training costs have always been hard to budget and even more so with the pandemic, but because of your Pilot Program scholarship, this hire has been exciting, and it has been fun working with Rosanna and you. Thank You!"

Annie Puchar

Housing Coordinator, Community Homes

"My lifelong dream of caregiving is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarships like yours.  Since being named one of the recipients of the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation Scholarship, my dream is to become a reality at NorthCare Training. The $2000.00 award gives me an opportunity to earn skills that will serve the adults with disabilities community following graduation. Thank you personally for your generosity: Without scholarship patrons willing to support medical education, immigrant, single mother-students such as myself would be unable to pursue health care degrees.

Your scholarship will help me earn credentials in Long Term Residential Health Care, which requires special training and coursework.  My passion for Community Change in the Developmental Disabilities Demographic is matched only by my love for my two high-needs foster children, so my decision to specialize in Adults with Disabilities comes from the heart.

Once again, thank you for the vote of confidence and the health care aide school scholarship.  I am committed to my education and to the health care field, and one step closer to becoming an Adult Family Home Resident Manager, thanks to your continued generosity and the Pilot Program with Long Term Care Foundation Scholarship."

Rosanna Moon

Annie's Sponsored Individual